You have only ONE shot to make a memorable first impression. 


SOCIAL MEDIA to connect, build your network, generate leads, and close sales... this is for you. 

You might be making multiple mistakes that likely are robbing you of your ONE shot to make a memorable first impression. 


These Mistakes Are...

🚩 Your profile is a deserted island

🚩 Your profile is outdated

🚩 It lacks a captive headline

🚩 It lacks an intriguing summary

🚩 No profile or poor-quality profile picture

🚩 No profile header or poor-quality header 

🚩 It's over the top salesy

🚩 It's a dry resume 

🚩 It's over the top self promotion

🚩 It's missing a CALL TO ACTION


What most understand is social profiles are crucial, but yet fail to complete and update on a regular basis...Why?


#1 reason is... time! You simply don't have the time. 

#2 reason is... don’t know what to say or how to articulate your message in a way that makes someone want to know more about you vs. clicking off your profile never to return.


LIKELY you've heard the saying...


Your net worth is tied to the quality of your network


AND this is WHY it's important to do something sooner than later! 


The risk you run if you continue to neglect your profile is…

❌You'll continue to lose the ONE shot to make a memorable first impression.

❌You instantly lose creditability every time someone visits your neglected profile.

❌You’ll miss opportunities to grow your network.

❌You’ll leave a lot of business and money on the table.

Optimize your social profile to make a memorable first impression and stand out! 


When you make optimizing your social profiles a top priority you'll…

✅Spotlight your expertise, service, product, and business that speaks your ideal client's language. 

✅Give specific directions to your visitors on how to connect with you and take a specified action to explore the service or product you offer. 

✅Grow your network with your ideal client so you can work on turning them into loyal and raving fans. 



Request a complimentary Profile Review.

Complete an assessment to begin your Profile Review. 


Once your Profile Review is complete.

You'll receive a notice to schedule a Profile Review call. 

During your Profile Review call you'll receive the results of the review and recommendations to best optimize your profile to make a memorable first impression. 

Don't have time to update your profile after receiving your Profile Review results... 


Not a problem! 


The Profile Extreme Makeover is a DONE for YOU service


My job is to... 

📌Provide you with the information on how to best optimize your profile and that is done via the Profile Review.

During your Profile Review call you'll be given the exact steps and information to optimize your profile.  


But information without implementation can and will keep you from getting the results you're seeking. 


So, my job is also too... 

📌Provide you with a SOLUTION and that is the Profile Extreme Makeover.


The done for YOU solution... 

Profile Extreme Makeover

Designed specially for the busy Business Owner, Service Provider, Sales Pro, Coach, Freelancer, Podcaster, Speaker, OR Entrepreneur 

I hear all the time...

I don't have time to optimize my profile. 

I don't know what to say. 

I don't like talking about myself. 

ALL the very reason why I created a DONE for YOU solution.


But there's a catch...

 Each month I can only open up a handful of spots for the DONE for YOU Service so I won't be able to complete everyone's Profile Extreme Makeover.

 If you want one of available spots... make sure you start by requesting a Profile Review. 

I've been in sales for over 20 years. For more than half of that time was without the social networks we have access to today! The way selling was done 20 years ago and the way selling is done today although different... both have one thing in common and that is relationships! 

Relationships are the foundation to your business!

How do you spotlight your expertise, your skills, tools, products, service, drive traffic to your sales tools, position your product or service as simply irresistible, build and grow your network with loyal clients & raving fans

This is where I come in... 

My name is Natalie Klun and I'm the founder of Rebel Influencer. 

Rebel Influencer works with service providers, small businesses, sales pros, coaches, speakers, podcasters & entrepreneurs to make a memorable first impression online and to grow your influence so you can make the difference you are meant to make. 

The Profile Extreme Makeover DONE for YOU Service

What to expect when you turn your social profiles over to a pro

You've turned your Profile Extreme Makeover over to me.

When complete, you'll receive... 

👉Your captivating PROFILE HEADLINE a/k/a First Impression Statement. 

This profile headline can be used as your… 

✅LinkedIn headline

✅Facebook business page about section headline

✅Instagram profile headline

✅Website about page headline

✅Create your header images using your profile headline



👉Your intriguing PROFILE SUMMARY that'll spark the interest of your visitors and give them specific direction to connect and explore the service or product you offer.

Variations you will receive: 

✅First person version to be used on LinkedIn

✅First person version to be used on Facebook business page.  

✅First person version to be used as YouTube Channel description

✅Third person to be used as your introduction for guest podcasting and speaking opportunities 


Next 🙌 You'll receive the IMPLEMENTATION steps to be on your way to ONLY and ALWAYS make a memorable first impression...


 The Step by Step IMPLEMENTATION Guide on how to update ALL profiles in less than 15 minutes AND the BEYOND SOCIAL Guide on exactly how to use your profile summary for a... 

✅Podcast pitch sheet... use your profile summary to be a guest on podcasts.

✅Speaker pitch sheet... use your profile summary to become a sought out speaker. 

✅Podcast guest introduction that will have the audience leaning in before you say one word. 

✅Speaker introduction that will have the audience on the edge of their seats before you take the stage. 

✅Video script to be used on social media for those who prefer video, on your website, YouTube channel home page, sales and marketing pages. 

✅ Client proposals that will make you, your product, and your service irresistible. 




✅Email and outreach templates to connect with podcasters for guest podcasting opportunities. 

✅Email and outreach templates to connect with event planners and event hosts for speaking opportunities. 

✅Email and outreach templates for collaboration opportunities in Facebook groups. 

✅Email and outreach templates to ask your current network what topics they'd like to learn more about that are in your lane of genius. 

PLUS 🙌 You'll receive the GROW YOUR INFLUENCE video series ...

✅How to grow your influence using social media

✅How to create value based content to nurture your network so they become loyal clients and raving fans

✅How to grow your influence with podcasts

✅How to grow your influence as a speaker

✅How to grow your influence with collaborating in FB groups

✅How to grow your influence by content contribution to well known publications 

✅How to have the mindset of an Influencer and how to confidently make the difference you are meant to make

✅How to create predictable results when selling. The formula that breaks your sales goal down to the day so you know exactly what to do to hit your sales goal. 

Here's the RECAP

The Profile Extreme Makeover includes...

✅Your captivating Profile Headline

✅Your Intriguing Profile summary with 4 variations

✅The step by step Implementation Guide

✅The Beyond Social Guide

✅The Bonus Assets email and outreach templates

✅The Grow Your Influence video series


Total Investment $3,000